PEBA Prüfinstitut für Baustoffe GmbH




PEBA GmbH is a RAP Stra accredited testing centre and has been standing out for quality assurance in structural and civil engineering, especially in roads, railways and airports construction for over 30 years. 

In addition to control and self-monitoring tests, – especially in the field of road construction and structural engineering – road condition analyses, load-bearing capacity and skid resistance measurements are also carried out, as well as subsoil and damage assessments.  

Both on site and in the testing laboratories, investigations are carried out to determine numerous characteristic values for asphalt, concrete, soil, rock, recycled material or surfaces. The results of such tests, among other things, form the basis for technical, economic and political decisions. PEBA is therefore committed to the highest quality standards. 

PEBA’s range of services is rounded off by laser measurements and determination of skid resistance using the SKM method (lateral force measurement method) with specially equipped vehicles.