Geo Lab Srl




Geo Lab is an analytical laboratory providing innovative high-tech services and technical support in the fields of environmental, agricultural and food analysis as well as workplace hygiene. 

For over 25 years, Geo Lab has been supporting companies, associations, as well as private and public institutions active in the environmental, agricultural, food and manufacturing sectors. 

The spectrum of environmental analyses includes, among others, those of excavated soil and rock according to DPR 120, analyses of marine sediments according to DM 173/16, drinking water, waste and process water, swimming and pool water. 

In the field of food analysis, Geo Lab supports food producers in the determination of nutritional values and labelling as well as the search for phytopharmaceuticals, anabolic substances, sulfonamides and antibiotics. 

Geo Lab’s range of services is rounded off by work environment investigations such as phonometric measurements both indoor and outdoor, the assessment of microclimate, electromagnetism, vibrations, indoor climate, illuminance and other parameters.